Sign up for classes. Bring a friend.


Sign up for classes. Bring a friend.

What We Do

The teachers at Urban Movement lead group classes primarily focussed on strength, mobility and spatial awareness. We utilized an expanding variety of tools to develop movement intelligence through practicing elements of parkour, art du deplacement, gymnastics, natural movement, yoga, martial arts, dance and acrobatics.

Our approach is different. You’ll feel better, move better, have more endurance and you’ll get to know your mind and body at a deeper level than ever before. You don’t get fit to take our classes, our classes make you fit.


Membership & Pricing

New Classes

Starting March 29

Tuesday - Thursday 7:00pm-8:30pm | 90 Minute Class - All Levels
Friday 6:30pm-7:45pm | Conditioning - All Levels
Saturday 8:30am-10:00am | 90 Minute Class - All Levels
Saturday 10:00am-11:15am | Outdoor Training - All Levels


Urban Movement provides students with the fitness and skills to safely and joyfully navigate the physical and mental obstacles of life.
— Trea Drake, Head Coach, Krav Maga Houston
Urban Movement has always been working close to the Yamakasi founders, which makes them a part of our American extended family.
— Chau Belle, ADD Academy, Yamakasi Founder
Their ability to reduce complex movements and make them doable for any ability level was impressive. Great coaches.
— Luke Roberts, Head Coach, Crossfit Elevate
My wife and I have been coming to these classes for almost a year now and classes are great! A wonderful workout and fun and engaging instructors. I can’t recommend this more.
— Peter, Student

Best place to be with awesome Urban Movement Family. They are very professional and their teaching styles are exceptional. My son took classes from Urban movement during his middle school years (3 years )and he had gained countless benefits out of it both mentally and physically. I highly recommend Urban Movement!!
— Mieko, Parent

Im not a “gym” kind of girl, I will do it but begrudgingly. This though!!! Natural movement is so incredibly challenging and leaves you feeling so you euphoric and empowered! I can’t stop talking about it! Just DO IT!
— Alyssa, Student
Great coaches and teachers that help guide everyone, no matter the size, age or fitness levels! Very attentive to safety and always provide a fun and educational atmosphere!
— Domonique, Student
Just saw the NewsFix bit... loved it!! You guys are so awesome with Colton and the others!! Keep up the great work and sharing your passion... my son has come so far wIith you alls guidance
— Mandi, Parent
It looked like a YOGI’s den when I entered inside. This was my first session with Urban Movement. I would say they are amazing. Cameron is an excellent coach, so focused on techniques . I am definetely going back to them for my inversions, hand stand and acrobatics class. The environment was so friendly :) I love them.
— Satyendra, Student

Excellent instruction. Down to earth. Good for beginners, as well as more experienced athletes.
— Mitchell, Student

Absolutely awesome gym, instructors and community. You come to workout, and you end up not only working out, but learning a bunch of stuff and having fun! Don’t miss out on it.
— Emmanuel, Student
Great coaches, great content and a great class! It was fun and challenging, and you really get to learn about mobility and mindfulness skills.
— Rose, Student
His confidence level in his physical ability has skyrocketed since the start of these classes. His awareness of what “safe risks” are is comforting, too. I know he is thinking through things before he attempts anything or challenges his ability, and that physical and mental awareness is priceless.
— Georgia, Parent
When my 13 year-old son started expressing an interest in Parkour, I was both intrigued and a little wary. But, here my son found a group of caring professionals with a love for intelligent and precise athleticism. I knew Urban Movement would be the place for him to learn the basics of Parkour in a safe and structured way.
— Amy, Parent

I’ve been training on off with urban-movement for three years now. All the coaches are always happy to help and love what they do so they make it a fun and safe environment!
— Rafi, Student