You are capable of amazing feats of strength, agility and finesse if you allow yourself time to learn some of the basics.

In this class you will learn to safely express acrobatic movements with elements of parkour, gymnastics, tricking, dance, yoga and martial arts. Beginners are welcome! We have exercises and drills to accommodate any skill and fitness level. We will methodically challenge you to master your brain and body in every angle with techniques and an approach such as:

Falling safely, rolls and break falls, inversions (e.g. handstands, hanging upside down, etc.), climbing, kicks, juggling, floor work, coordination and proprioception drills, strength and conditioning, meditation, breathing techniques, and last but not least…flips.

Acrobatics paired with consistency and dedication gives you the opportunity to build a strong and capable body that can express itself in unique ways. Whether you are regular student with us and want to start learning more air awareness, into stunts and looking to expand your skillset, a self-taught tumbler looking for additional guidance, or just a generalist looking for a fun way to stay in shape while learning new tricks, we have something for you.

Brows through these videos to see more of what we're talking about:

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