Our Approach


Some people ask us what they should do to get in shape for our classes. The answer is: "Nothing". It's our classes that get you in shape. "Shape" meaning strong mind, strong body, strong spirit. Everyone is part of the movement community, but everyone should totally be moving more than they are. We can show you how to learn, or re-learn fundamental human movement patterns so you can move like the wind. Our classes are totally scalable. Beginners are most welcome. Like in most things, you have to learn to crawl and balance before you can fly. We often say, "The landing is more important than the jump."


This is a mantra we borrowed from some of our teachers.

When it's your first few classes, and you're struggling to do your best, we have different ways of keeping the group together so nobody feels left behind. It's the positive group energy that encourages maximum effort from each student. We're always capable of more than we think we are. Sometimes you just need a friendly nudge to push beyond to that point of growth. 

This also means that you have to show up to class on time or early. We require everyone to do a thorough warmup together at the beginning of class. If you're more than 5-10 minutes late, chances are you won't be able to join class that day. "We start together. We finish together."


We teach classes for age six through those into their fifties and sixties...of all abilities. Our approach makes movement accessible to all ages, shapes, sizes, etc. Good posture, mindful breathing, self and spatial awareness, strength, conditioning and movement. It's important to be equipped with the tools necessary to respond to environmental and situational demands.

People who take our classes begin to feel more empowered than they ever have. Your vision and perspective changes and the earth becomes your playground again.