The field of somatics has developed over the last century through a process of inquiry into how consciousness inhabits the living body. The term is derived from the word “somatic” (Greek “somatikos”, soma: “living, aware, bodily person”) which means pertaining to the body, experienced and regulated from within.

The Dallas MetroPlex is home to quality, perseverance and deliberation within the parkour community and it is reflected in their endeavors. The culmination of their recent efforts comes into fruition Saturday February 18th, 2017 with the Grand Opening of the Somatic Movement Parkour and Freerunning Gym. Simply put hard work, mindfulness and dedication resonates with the mantras of the team. Urban Movement is looking forward to driving out and supporting.

Come join us:

2432 Walnut Ridge Street
Dallas, TX 75229-4528, United States

"Parkour has become me passion in life and I love to maybe put that passion into those that need it." -D'Ondrai Jones (Somatic Movement)

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