Breaking the Jump: The Secret Story Behind Parkour's High Flying Rebellion, is Julie Angel's book that came out this past summer. She digs into the history of the development of Art Du Deplacement(ADD)/Parkour, by going back to its roots and the founders themselves. Julie also gives interesting insight to the historical, cultural and even architectural influences that created the forge into which the individual skills and attributes of these friends and families flowed to create the art and discipline they eventually shared with the world. She manages to tell a real world history that reads like a novel that you just can't put down.

Julie starts the book with the beginning of her own training. As she tells the story of her own journey, she interweaves the introduction of each of the founders, and highlights stories of how each of them developed and how they fit into the overall formation of the Art of Movement. Some of the stories she tells are very inspirational when one is considering ones own training. The shear quantity of training the Yamakasi did during their youth is made clear, as is the mental challenges they forced themselves to take on.

While anyone who has trained with the Yamak is fully aware of how conditioning forms a core to ADD training, reading her book lays much of it out in a way that makes you want to move much, much more. Eventually she branches into the training of first generation students like Stephane Vigroux, giving an even more in depth view of the training of those early days, as well as some of the differences that led to the eventual split among the founders. She tells the good and uplifting, along with the negative and heart-wrenching.

Along with the story of the birth of ADD, she makes detours into the related but distinct history of Erwann Le Corre, MovNat's founder, and his own development of that discipline. His experiences with Combat Vital and his other interests that in many ways mirrored what the founders of ADD were experiencing gives great insight into the mentality that led to MovNat.

If you haven't by now picked up a copy and read Break the Jump, we cannot more highly recommend it. If you have read it, chime in below with your own thoughts and how it has changed you approach to training. Or, buy the book and see for yourself!