Mark Chavarria is an unstoppable force!

There was a film being shot in Houston a couple of years ago. I was on set several times as a boom operator helping to record audio for an awesome friend, but I also ended up helping with some stunt coordination for one of the actors in a chase scene. My friend was pimping me out as "an amazing parkour person" to the DP and the rest of the crew, and I was able to do a favor for the Director, so we all ended up getting along nicely. All the while, this name Mark kept coming up. Everyone who mentioned his name to me said that he is the top stuntman and stunt coordinator in town. Only once or twice did someone mention that he was fighting cancer. It was a brand new group of friends that I was just getting to know. Although I was interested in meeting and potentially collaborating with him, I waited to introduce myself because I could tell he was going through a rough time.

We ended up meeting and have since become friends. He's an amazing human with a gripping story. The warrior that he is, when there isn't a treatment to be had, he's still working on the sets of major films and squeezes in the time to teach a month stunt workshop at Urban Movement. He's an advocate of the alternative medicine that continues to save his life. His path is also positively affecting countless others that are experiencing situations similar to Mark's.

He's fought most of the Hollywood stars I've ever been a fan of, he's been featured in High Times and Muscle & Fitness Magazines, and he keeps kicking cancer in the face every damn day. I smile every time I get a text from him.

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