Do you remember what it was like before your kids could walk? I do. I worried so much less about my son back then. It was so much easier to look after him. And my house was so much cleaner!

Now, he is a toddler. He walks everywhere; he climbs onto everything; he knocks everything over. And he falls all the time. 

I get nervous every time he climbs higher than two feet. My blood-pressure shoots up every time he falls down. And I always have to clean up the messes he makes!

I don't want to forbid him from exploring, though. Studies show that kids play and explore because they naturally want to know how to use their environment. For instance, a kid learns to climb by climbing up a curb. Next, she uses what she learned when she tries to climb something else, like a bench. This way, kids learn to both move and challenge themselves (Hart 388).

This behavior goes beyond the toddler stage. Kids carry their sense of environmental curiosity with them as they grow. So, they turn their environments into obstacle courses. Especially at home: they bounce on their beds, jump down staircases and climb on top of counters (Donnelly 65). And this is all part of their natural learning process!

You want your kid to grow, learn and play, don't you? Why not bring them to Urban Movement?

At Urban Movement, we teach kids how to move, play and interpret their environments. We have a facility where they can move their obstacles around. This way, they create challenges for themselves. Also, trained coaches guide them and inspire them.

So, bring your kid to Urban Movement. Let them run, climb, jump and crawl to their mind, body and heart's desire!

Do you want to sign your kid up for a class? Or, how about one of our Day Camp sessions? Then, check out our options here.


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