Ever since the Yamakasi created it in France, Parkour has spread across the world. Movies and TV helped by showing people doing Parkour. And one woman did a study on Parkour as the final project for her doctoral degree. Who is this woman? Julie Angel, PhD.

What does Julie Angel do? Well, what doesn't she do? She teaches Parkour and natural movement; she writes books; she makes movies. But why does she do what she does? To inspire females to get involved with the discipline of natural movement.

In 2015, Angel launched the See & Do project. This website holds different forms of media that show women as they practice Parkour. She hopes that women will see these media and gain the confidence to take on any challenge.

"It is my aim within this project," says Angel. "to regularly share images of women who are doing things they love that happen to involve facing fears, being brave, getting strong and taking risks" (Angel).

Wanna know more about the See & Do project? Wanna see what female Parkour athletes can do? Then, you should check it out the website here.

Wanna know more about Julie Angel? Then, you should check out her other website here.


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