"In a nutshell: I played a lot of competition sports, dabbled in some performing arts and did a bit of acting, modeling and theatre growing up - baseball, football, ballet, tap dancing, signing, public speaking, BMX racing, soccer, track and field, volleyball. I spent most of my teenage years being really good at getting into trouble. Then, a friend gave me a yoga book many years ago that changed my life. It was like a manual for my body. I had never been given one of those before. Mobility, breathing and meditation. Whoa! It blew my mind.

Within a handful of years of being on spoken word poetry slam teams, I started what turned into a 15-year IT career that eventually sucked most of the creativity out of me. We can talk about that after class one day.

After playing a game of squash in 2008 I stumbled upon parkour, freerunning and art du deplacement. I've since had the great opportunity to be taught by most of the Yamakasi founders - Chau Belle, Yann Hnautra, Laurent Piemontesi and Williams Belle.

We started Urban Movement in 2011, I left IT in 2013 and then MovNat, a.k.a. Natural Movement, came into the picture. I've since become a Master MovNat Train and have been on their instructor team for about five years.

Running UMOVE is all I do now, and I love it! I've since been influenced by so many other amazing movers. I can't wait to learn more and share with you what I know."

- Cameron Pratto