We teach Capoeira classes every Friday night. The Afro-Brazilian martial art is often described as being a dance, a fight, or a game.

Those who take note of the graceful, rhythmic, continuous movements of Capoeira see it as a dance. Those who focus on the attacks, escapes and counterattacks hidden within those graceful movements see it as a fight. Those who appreciate the relaxed attitude and playful nature of those involved, see Capoeira as a game. Capoeira Angola is all these things and more. Indeed, Capoeira is a multidisciplinary art form containing life-lessons in each of its components: history, philosophy, music, movement, and technique.

Beginners are most welcome.

Played in a circle (the "roda") the game of Capoeira Angola is infinitely varied, with an unlimited combination of movements of the legs, arms torso and head: feet to the sky, a leg whipping around, a smile, a grin, a gleam in the eye. Humorous and serious, the fun and the struggle are joined in a continuum of movement and flourished pauses, often equated to chess, with its communication and interplay of bodies and movements. 

Capoeira's history is one of a people taking what they have and using it in new ways to obtain and express freedom. Students of Capoeira are likewise encouraged to take what they have in life and use it to help them to achieve what they want from life. It's the movement and music of liberation.

The Capoeira class will be taught by Marrio Hinkle. Here's a short message from him:

"It seems as though it was inevitable that Capoeira de Angola would be the journey of my life. The music, dance, and flavors of my childhood were infused with Africa. In 1995, I met Mestre Jaime El Bey in Atlanta, GA who introduced me to the world of Capoeira. Mestre El Bey is my master, friend, and mentor of many years. During my time in Atlanta, we became members of GCAP (Groupo de Capoeira Angola Pelourinho) under Mestre Moraes. A few years later, I partnered in founding the first Capoeira Angola group in Houston, Texas, which has been a part of SHAPE community center since 1999. My years of training Capoeira have allowed me to visit many different communities of capoeira around the world, which has brought diversity to my perspective, supported my growth as a human being, and has been the catalyst for lasting friendships. Over the years I have used this healing art as group therapy through community outreach with various organizations including The Houston Area Women’s Center, SHAPE community center, and the Woman’s Earth. In August of 2016, I received the honor of being named a Contramestre by Mestre Themba, Mestre Pierre, and Mestre Cooper, making me one of few Americans, and the first individual in Texas to hold this title. This recent accolade has been a great inspiration and has served to intensify my responsibility as an ambassador for this beautiful art."

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