Ra is a senior coach with Urban Movement. He holds the ADAPT Level 1, MovNat Level 2 and MovNat Combatives certifications. A Houston native, Ra has always had an inclination towards movement and general fitness activities such as martial arts, weightlifting, and team sports. Looking for something new, Ra was introduced to parkour in 2010 and has been in love with the art ever since.

Having been around since the start of Urban Movement, and officially becoming a teacher with since the beginning of 2013, there’s no turning back for him now. Since then, RA has helped lead and manage numerous classes, events and workshops. Outside of training and teaching parkour, Ra practices capoeira, skateboarding, archery, exploring nature, etc. Ra is also a college student. When he isn't moving, he spends his time studying Biology, Anthropology, Linguistics, and Africana Studies.