Kids Ages 6-12. Teens Ages 13-17. Adults 18+.

Our signature class is designed to challenge your physical limits while you experience and explore the principles and values of Parkour, Freerunning, Art Du Deplacement and Natural Movement (MovNat). Consistent attendance of at least two classes per week is recommended. There is a demanding conditioning element at the beginning of each class which is essential to the growth of each practitioner, followed by what we call the "guts" of class, and ended with a group cool down that resembles a mini yoga session.

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We're always cycling through weekly themes. The more you attend classes in any given week the more you'll learn about the different movements and progressions within that theme. Beginners are welcome. Kids can drop into any class, homeschoolers can start anytime, but teens and adults start at our Saturday Intro Seminar. Your first session is free.

Please make sure you're on time as classes are always busy and we insist on everyone participating in a thorough warmup before being allowed to join class. This will help prevent injury, unnecessary muscle soreness and it will allow the coaches to maintain the flow of class. As the founders say, "We start together. We finish together."

For more information please call 832.426.2259 and watch these videos to see more of who we are and what we do.