Massage & Bodywork

Rest, sometimes mixed with a little manual therapy, is necessary for a balanced approach to an active lifestyle. If you have that “thing” in your neck, back or shoulder that just won’t go away...If you want more than just a basic massage with lasting results, then this is it. Every session is customized to suit the needs of each individual.

Right now we're just working with one therapist. Her name is Aeon Oliver-Terry.

Aeon is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist from Australia. She was initially educated in Santa Barbara, CA by some of the masters of the trade such as John Harris, author of Fix Pain. Her style is unique and eclectic by blending eastern and western styles, intuitive and observational skills, and working with movement and habitual patterning. Aeon has the Natural Movement Fitness (MovNat) Level 1 certification, and has been taking lessons at Urban Movement and training with Cameron Pratto for years. She also regularly practices various aerial arts, yoga, and parkour.

She understands the demands these different modalities place on the body and can assist with injuries, injury prevention, pain relief, or just general relaxation and stress/tension reduction.

$90 = 1 Hour Session

Appointments can be available in the morning or evening, so please contact us with your preference and we'll do our best to accommodate you.