Mike Buchanek is Urban Movement's Team Manager. As an educator and coach in Houston ISD for the past 7 years, he's always had a passion for helping others learn something new. He discovered parkour in early 2014 and was instantly drawn into the mental and physical challenge, as well as the amazingly active and welcoming community of movers he met through Urban Movement.

Before parkour, Mike was always active. Team sports, running, cycling, and weightlifting were, and still are, a regular part of his routine. However, he now has the opportunity to merge his desire to teach with his new found love for l'art du déplacement (ADD). Mike holds a MovNat Level 1 Certification, and he teaches Urban Movement's indoor classes and leads the seasonal, Fundamentals of Parkour class at Discovery Green. In his spare time he loves writing and playing music, reading, watching documentaries, and cooking (mostly massive amounts of BBQ).