Movnat is a fitness and physical education system based on the full range of natural human movement skills.

Urban Movement is an official MovNat Licensed Facility. MovNat is Natural Movement Fitness. Our signature classes are heavily influenced by the MovNat methodology. We also host and teach MovNat workshops and certifications at our facility in Houston, TX. Most of our coaches have already been certified by the program or they're working toward it. Our CEO and co-founder, Cameron Pratto, is a Master MovNat Trainer and he’s on the MovNat Instructor Team where he travels to teach in places like China, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and all over the United States.

Your environment dictates your movement behavior.
— Erwan Le Corre, MovNat Founder


Browse through these videos to get a glimpse into the system:

Most people can't even get up and down from the ground efficiently. Basic, fundamental movement patterns have been lost. When is the last time you actually thought about your posture? Can you comfortably sit in a squat?

At a more advanced level, we've had super-strong powerlifters come to us who can't balance. Some Bodybuilders and Crossfitters tell us that their bodies are broken. Sport specific specialization is usually short-lived and rarely transfers to real world practicality. We're not saying to stop playing sports. We're just saying that there's more to the equation. You can pull yourself up to the bar, but can you get over the bar? You can lift heavy equipment in a controlled environment, but what happens when you leave the gym?


If you're still intrigued and want to know more, check out this podcast where Brett McKay with the Art of Manliness interviews MovNat Founder, Erwan Le Corre. UM CEO, Cameron Pratto, is also mentioned within the episode.