Open Gym

Teens Ages 13-17. Adults Ages 18+.

Open Gym is where you get to come use our facility how you want. Usually lasting 90-120 minutes, there's enough in each block of time to get in a nice session. Not only is this a great opportunity for Urban Movement students to work on the skills they're developing in class, Open Gym is also regularly attended by the local movement community that don't take our classes. This makes for a fine blend of community and sharing.

There are no formal classes or instruction during this time, so come equipped with creativity. Everyone is usually really cool and will show you how to do something if you have the right approach.

We have plywood boxes of different sizes and shapes, a lot of railing and scaffolding rigs, panel mats, foam rollers and a couple other obstacles and gadgets. We'll always be adding on, so keep coming by and training with us. Check out what the facility looks like so far: