Personal Training

Our Private Lessons range from everyday people that just want to move better to experienced movers and athletes, yogis, dancers, fighters, climbers, CrossFitters and Ninja Warriors. Our method is also applicable to anyone interested in improving their performance in any sport like Weightlifting, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Soccer, Lacrosse, Tennis, Volleyball, Swimming, etc.. We are the best in Houston at what we do. If you need more convincing, check out the Testimonials page filled with student and parent feedback.


A blend of Parkour, Natural Movement Fitness, Yoga, Bodyweight Training, Dance and Martial Arts. We like to say that we teach mindful movement. Tell us your movement and fitness goals and we'll help you achieve them. Then, we'll work on what needs to be worked on to safely build a lasting, quality, movement lifestyle.

Our collective style involves doing what's necessary to develop quality first, then we add volume, intensity and complexity. We'll work on things like getting up and down from the ground without using the hands, balancing on boards and beams, crawling and jumping around, hanging and climbing, lifting and carrying, throwing and catching. We train the brain and get you interacting with the environment around you in new ways. We'll take you in and out of your comfort zone, but keeping you focussed so you're always learning new movement patterns and becoming the best version of yourself.

Personal Training is by appointment only. Please allow at least 48 hours advanced notice for booking. We have scattered hours of availability depending on which coach you get paired up with. Read the bios of each of the coaches to see which one you think you vibe with the best, and get started! You can always ask us for a recommendation, too.

Call 832.426.2259 to get started!