Kids 7-12. Teens 13-17.

Most kids and teens already love to run, jump and climb. We teach them how to hone their skills and explore their potential in a safe environment. Our camps are a blend of Parkour and Natural Movement. We do a thorough warm up as a group and play some games like Follow the Leader, Add On, The Floor Is Lava, Dodgeball and Capture The Flag. Then, we break up into different age groups and skill levels, and we work on different techniques and routes. We also make time during the day to break out the white board to do some illustrations, watch videos of quality movement examples and talk about why being mindful is important.

Crawling, rolling, balancing (your body and other objects), jumping, vaulting, climbing, playful movements, lifting, carrying, juggling, cartwheels, handstands and more.

We have tons of fun, but we are not a bounce house, daycare or gymnastics facility. There isn't much sitting around in this camps. We train a lot, mostly on concrete, and expect each camper to want to be there and fully participate throughout the duration of the camp. If your child isn't ready to listen, learn, break a sweat and put in some hard work, then they probably aren't ready for our camp.


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