I like Urban Movement because the coaches are awesome. They are very encouraging. I feel like they really care about our lives. They said we could talk to them about anything, even if it’s not related to parkour. The warm up at the beginning of class is cool - it helps me get all my tension worked out. I also like how they let me try new things and push myself. The whole thing is awesome. I want to learn more.
— Levi, Student Age 14

His confidence level in his physical ability has skyrocketed since the start of these classes. His awareness of what “safe risks” are is comforting, too. I know he is thinking through things before he attempts anything or challenges his ability, and that physical and mental awareness is priceless.
— Georgia, Parent

This class is different than most sports as it is very ‘Zen’ in its approach. The coaches are very calm and relaxed and emphasize respect for each other throughout the session, which is a bit unusual given that they are athletes.
— Joshua, Student Age 16

When my 13 year-old son started expressing an interest in Parkour, I was both intrigued and a little wary. But, here my son found a group of caring professionals with a love for intelligent and precise athleticism. I knew Urban Movement would be the place for him to learn the basics of Parkour in a safe and structured way.
— Amy, Parent

All his coaches demonstrated their professionalism by showing their support to every one of student regardless their level. I especially appreciate the fact that training is provided in a very healthy, positive and multicultural environment. In addition, coaches constantly evaluate new activities and social events where Parkour practioners can gather to build a close friendship together.
— Mieko, Parent

Right away I was impressed by the respectful, collaborative nature of the classes. They are truly working together for improvement. My son likes that they are not really competing with each other but are always encouraged to raise the bar on their own development. The students are always being shown the safest way to do new movements to protect their joints and muscles. I cannot recommend the parkour classes enough.
— Drieux, Parent

In the year that I have been doing parkour I have noticed many changes about myself. I am much more coordinated, more confident in my movement, and a lot stronger. All week I look forward to my parkour training sessions. They are a way to release extra energy, learn new skills and I always have fun.
— Max, Student Age 13

Our family feels fortunate that we discovered Urban Movement at the beginning of our son’s teen years. We knew the very first time we visited that this would be a safe place for him to establish positive connections while learning the art and discipline of parkour. We appreciate the positive vibes that surround this place. It clearly comes from the passion and dedication the practitioners and creators of Urban Movement bring.
— Selena, Parent

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