Workshops are often taught by our certified and experienced team of coaches. We're also known for hosting other coaches from all over the world to bring their skills and knowledge to our kneck of the woods. The movement community is huge. It's important to draw from many styles to find and create your own. That is the meaning of our mantra, "Make your own path."

Sometimes the workshops are skill-specific and last a couple of hours. Other times, we've had workshops last anywhere from 1-5 days. We'll always do our best to keep this page updated with our latest events, but you can also follow the social media trail and find some complimentary information out there. The Pathfinder section of our website will also help guide you to nutritious information and the positive growth that's happening around the world of movement.

Upcoming Workshops


Handstand Workshop
Saturday March 24, 2018


Kid's Acrobatics Workshop
Sunday March 25, 2018


MovNat 2-Day Workshop
Sat-Sun April 7-8, 2018

Erwan Jumping.jpeg

MovNat 1 & 2 Certification
Fri-Tues April 6-10, 2018
Times Vary Each Day

Yoga Movement w/ Dan Houston
Saturday April 14, 2018

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